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Spice Up Your Sex Life With Boudoir Photography

We absolutely love sex and we know how important it is to a relationship. Sex should be something you explore together, trying new things and never letting things get “stale” or boring. We always talk and are honest about what we like and want to try. We are very into trying new things and having sex in fun and adventurous places. This is what led us to try couple’s boudoir.

How Our Interest In Boudoir Photography Began

Samantha had done a few boudoir shoots and they came out amazing. We love trying to push our sexual adventures to new lengths and decided to try out doing a shoot together. Something that most see as private but sharing our passion as if someone was watching us. That taboo of someone seeing me with my hot wife is exciting as I love showing her off.


Why We Love It

I love seeing the passion in our photos. I have so much pride showing them off to people. I love our passion as a couple and I love showing people that you don’t have to ever become an old boring married couple. I love posing and making love to her while the moment is captured forever on film. The passion burns through. The photos are a great reminder of how hot you two can be.

One Way To Spice It Up

We just make sure we haven’t seen each other naked in a few days so when we do on film, it’s a genuine surprise haha

Go For It!

Absolutely go for it and try it out! Let your inhibitions go and try something new! It’s a very sexy feeling showing off for a camera with your other half. Show everybody out there why they should be jealous of you. It’s a lot of fun!

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