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Sex Positions That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

An interview with Coleen Singer, Sexpert at Porn For Women


How does sex improve a romantic relationship?

Coleen Singer: Sex brings an astounding element to a relationship which can be very beneficial; it plays a big role in romantic relationships and in many ways can improve a couple’s bond. Sex is teamwork and gives you the opportunity to work together to have great sex. You learn, teach and experience it together which brings closeness and intimacy. It creates an outlet where the both of you can physically express how much you enjoy each other. Communication goes a long way when talking about sex with your mate so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Once you are intimate with your partner sexually, a deep connection is established between the two of you. The more you have conversations about needs and wants sexually, the easier it is to improve your sex lives and enhance levels of intimacy. Making love is one of the most stimulating and beautiful things you can do with a loved one and one way to express love for one another. Basically, open sexual communication can improve a romantic relationship by exploring different positions and aspects of sex together.

Are certain sex positions more intimate than others?

Coleen Singer: Of course certain sex positions are more intimate than others! For example, the missionary position is very romantic and intimate being that you’re so close to one another and allows for eye contact which is also very sexually stimulating during intercourse. The act itself feels good, but nothing feels better then when your partner kisses your forehead, kisses your body and touches you sensually.

When a woman straddles her lover by getting on top, it is a huge turn on for their lover to see them taking control and leadership in the bedroom. Who doesn’t love a girl who knows what she wants? Being on top of one another is a passionate act of love.

Having sex on your side is also an intimate fun way to have sex together in and gives you the option of talking, locking eyes and comfort.

Please name and define 3-5 sex positions that will make your relationship stronger.

Coleen Singer: 

1. Missionary is a very intimate position that involves trust and love, it can help fuel your bond. This position focuses more on the energy between the two of you.

2. Sideways sex is another position that can make help you bond and have fun. Also, you are relying on one another to hold the balance and that requires trust and we all know trust is crucial for a healthy, happy relationship. This position can be very effective in bonding and communicate while having sex.

3. Cradling. In this position the woman is on top cradling her lover with her legs and brings both bodies to touch, legs around partner cradling his body and molding into one another. You can feel one another’s heartbeat and breath that allows you to get even closer.  This is very intimate and stimulating and gives you face to face interaction, allowing each partner to really look deep into each other’s eyes and work together to find what pace works for you.

4. Standing sex! This is a great way for a couple to explore new positions while standing, whether he’s standing behind her or standing holding her. It’s a very sexy position that is great for a couple to explore as it can be done pretty much anywhere outside the bedroom.

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