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Man Dies After Pig Bites Off His Penis and Three Fingers

Want to hear a story that'll make you squeal from pain?  Better yet: care to hear something that won’t boar you to death? A man died after a pig bit off his penis and three fingers, Metro UK reports. OK, so maybe the pig pun jokes weren't appropriate...

 A man has died after a pig bit off three of his fingers, Metro UK reports. What’s more, the farm animal also chewed off the victim’s penis. Yes, you read that right. His penis. So, how’d this all go down?


Miguel Anaya Pablo, 60, reportedly decided to start fighting with his pig upon arriving home in his town of San Lucas Ojitlan in southwestern Mexico’s state of Oaxaca, Metro UK reports. And before you ask: yes, he was drunk. According to local media reports, the swine became aggressive with the 60-year-old farmer after he provoked it. Exactly what did the man do, you say? Apparently, he drunkenly jumped up and down on it. Ouch.

As a result of his antics, the pig bit off three of the fingers on Pablo’s right hand. Sounds painful, right? Too bad that’s not all that happened; the animal then bit off the 60-year-old’s penis. All together now: AHHHH.  After the attack, the man was rushed to a hospital in the nearby town of Tuxtepec. There, he was treated for his bite wounds. However, despite receiving medical help, the man did not survive, as doctors could not control the bacterial infections caused by the animal’s bites, Metro UK reports.


The Metro UK reports that an autopsy has been ordered to find out more about the exact circumstances of Pablo’s death. In addition, forensics tests are also being run. Meanwhile, no details of his family situation have been released.

This isn’t the first time a pig has bitten back, so to speak. In 2012, The Hindu reported that a pig viciously attacked three men. At the time, doctors at the hospital where they were admitted to reported that their condition was stable. Apparently, the pig had attacked the men while they were at a golf course in Nandanam, India. According to The Hindu, two of the men were playing golf when the wild animal came charging at them. The third guy? Well, he was merely sleeping under a tree when he became a victim of the swine’s rage.


According to S.S. Prasad, who was released from the hospital after receiving first aid, the pig looked like a “ferocious rhino.” It all went down around 3:30 p.m. as he and his golf partner, B. Srinivasan, were preparing to tee off the third ball, The Hindu reports.

A shaken Prasad told The Hindu,

“It all happened in a few seconds before I could even understand what was happening. I was bitten on my thigh and ankle. My partner tried to chase it away but it became even more ferocious. I think I fell down."

He continued:

"The pig pounced on him and pinned him down. It was like watching a horror movie, to watch them rolling on the ground. The caddies were some distance away, and I shouted for help. For some time even they watched in shock. By the time they came to his rescue, Srinivasan was bleeding profusely.”

Horror movie indeed.

As a result of his injuries, Srinivasan underwent plastic surgery on the hand that had been attacked. Meanwhile, Prasad was given an anti-rabies vaccine and a dose of anti-immunoglobulin to strengthen his immune system, The Hindu reports. That said, the pig wasn’t done with his rage just yet.

As Srinivasan and Prasad were being transported to the hospital, the wild animal—which was about two feet tall—attacked P. Thamizhmani. The 52-year-old was apparently sleeping under a tree near the area when he fell victim to the swine’s rage. Talk about a nightmare!

Thamizhmani recounted the horrific ordeal to The Hindu, saying,

"I usually go to Saidapet to wash clothes. Yesterday, I left home at 4.30 a.m., and after washing and drying clothes, I returned home. In the afternoon, I cycled to Jothi Nagar to collect them. As they had not dried, I lay down under a tree and fell asleep. Suddenly I felt something bite my foot and I kicked. But the pig did not let go. Only when the local people hit the pig with a log did it let go of my leg. I was taken by ambulance to Royapettah Government Hospital, which referred me to Stanley Hospital for surgery. Doctors operated on my leg today. Now I am better.” Phew.



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