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How To Satifsy A Lady Through Oral Sex

Giving oral sex, like anything, is one of those things that you’re either into or you’re not. I find most people who enjoy giving oral, are usually those that get very excited by the idea of pleasing/pleasuring, and in an incredibly intimate way. I love oral sex, giving and receiving but if not practiced with sensitivity and good communication, can be one of those things that can go horribly wrong.


Is Foreplay Required & Can There Be Too Much?

Again it comes down to individual taste (pardon the pun!) – but I would say usually foreplay is extremely important in satisfying a lady. Sex is extremely psychological for women. Foreplay/seduction starts well before the clothes come off – and when they do, you want to feel appreciated – you want your whole body to be explored. You want to be driven to a point where you can stand it no longer.  Foreplay is the journey to orgasm – and the more spectacular the journey, the more amazing the destination!

Yes absolutely, there can definitely be too much! You don’t want to foreplay a lady to the point of desensitizing her.


Tips To Pleasure Her

Firstly always communicate with her. Don’t just assume she likes it. Ask her how sensitive she is down there. Practise a bit of restraint. Don’t just head for the bullseye –  start north and slowly head south.  Remember, you’re dealing with a female. We love attention so don’t neglect the other parts of us! Once you’re down there, give the surrounds some light teasing – be patient.

Definitely, commence with a gentle touch and really tune into what her body is doing – is she relaxed? Is she pushing back or melting into you? Now is the time to practice complete presence and just get inside the whole sensory experience. Tell her how much you’re enjoying going down on her and compliment her how great she feels and looks. This will relax her.

Read her body language. Start off with a barely there pressure of the tongue and gradually increase and see how she responds. If you start off too hard first up, you can actually hurt her and most definitely you will desensitize her. Watch your teeth – and don’t suck the living daylights out of her, unless of course, it’s something she wants you to do.

Just be yourself, and do what feels right. Don’t compare yourself to how you think you should be. Trust in your own ability to please your lady. It takes two to form great chemistry and often, it’s about learning as you go and this will differ from each experience. Don’t always rely on porn for tips.

Remember, the majority of porn is fantasy. Relax and enjoy!


Be Safe or Experimental?

Again it comes down to the individual. I don’t think there is a formularised method which is why it’s so important to communicate or suss out where she’s at with her sexual parameters. Maybe she likes to have her boundaries pushed, but never assume – do your groundwork – check in with her. This is showing her respect and that you’re someone she can trust and relax with.


Should You Kink Things Up With Toys?

Of course, but again, don’t assume, communicate. Toys aren’t for everyone and that’s okay too.


Never Do These When Giving Her Oral Sex

Diving straight in too hard too fast – it’s not fun being smashed in the nether regions by an overly enthusiastic set of gums and teeth!

Don’t be greedy and assume she’s going to multiple orgasms. If she’s had an orgasm check-in, she may need a moment to recover – continuing after she’s cum can be too much and as a result, desensitize her.

Cleanliness and good hygiene is such a turn on. Make sure your teeth and mouth are clean.

Definitely, spit gum out before even thinking about going downtown!!!

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