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How To Maintain Strong Erection And Healthy Libido

Erection and libido

Every man dreams to have a satisfying sex life, and they have immense pressure to satisfy their partner in the bed. However, this dream is obstructed due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons for a man not being able to satisfy their partner is due to sexual dysfunction. Among various sexual dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low libido are some of them.

According to the published statistic, over 18 million American men are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, which is a serious issue. Without having an adequate sex drive, a person will not have any willingness to have sex with their partner. And, a strong erection is needed for vaginal penetration.

Without strong erection and an adequate libido, a satisfying sex is impossible. Now, the question is how men can maintain a strong erection and healthy libido for a satisfying sex life. There are many causes of an erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone is one of the major causes of a low sex drive.

Ways to maintain a strong erection and a healthy libido

Like with most of the problems in the world, there are solutions to various male sexual dysfunctions. In this section of this article, you will get to know about some of the useful ways, which can help you to maintain a strong erection and a healthy libido.

Eat right

The first thing one should do to enhance their sexual health is to change their eating habits. There are certain foods that one must avoid, and there are certain foods that can incredibly improve the sexual health of a person. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol if you consume them because they have adverse impacts on your erection. The studyshows that the individuals who drink a lot have an increased risk of an erectile dysfunction.

Some of the foods, such as banana, figs, dark chocolates, and others should be added to your diet plan. It helps in increasing your libido.

Stay away from excessive masturbation

Male masturbation is a very common practice. Most of the men have the habit of masturbating a lot, which is not a healthy practice. Remember, men should aim to satisfy their partners, not their emotions. Practice self-control if you want to enhance your sexual performance. There are many adverse impacts of vigorous masturbation. The men who masturbate a lot have a decreased sensitivity, and they may also experience premature ejaculation and weak erection.

A decreased sensitivity can create many issues while having sex with a female partner. It can drastically reduce the overall sexual performance of men.

Consider using some products

There are many people who are struggling to have a satisfying sex life, and there are many business houses too who are trying to solve the people’ problems. All sorts of products can be found on the internet. There are male fertility boosters and many other products. Some of them deliver the results while many other products are just useless.

Some of the useful products that can help men in maintaining a strong erection are:

Cock Ring: This tool is to be placed around the base of a man’s penis, which must be just behind the testicles. It helps in trapping the blood flow for holding an erection. However, this ring must not be placed over 15-20 minutes.

Sex pillow: Using sex pillow allows both the partner to have a comfortable sex. While a female partner can bend back and relax, a male sex partner can stand, kneel, or squat, according to his comfort. This helps in a better sexual performance.

Male Enhancement Supplements: There are plenty of male enhancement supplements that are sold over the internet. Most of them are not effective, though, while some supplements are effective in enhancing the sexual performance. Consuming these supplements can enhance the sex drive; improve the sperm count, erection, and more.

Get enough sleep: The modern lifestyle is hectic for some people because of a busy work schedule. However, this lifestyle must not restrain you from getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion, which reduces the sex drive of a person. Manage a time out of a busy schedule to get enough sleep. This will restore your energy, and you will have a greater desire of having sex.

Manage medications: There are plenty of people who are regularly consuming specific drugs for their depression, anxiety, social phobia, and other mental disorders. These medicines may provide a relief for a certain period, but these medications can lead to an erectile dysfunction. Consult with a doctor and make sure that you’re not overdosing these medicines.

Proper sex position: The sex position plays a crucial role in determining the sexual satisfaction. There are many sex positions that can be tried out by the couples; however, some sex positions are comfortable in comparison to others. A man standing or being on the top of a woman helps in a better blood flow, which leads to a better erection.

Try placing your partner at the end of the bed and ask her to hang her legs up. It will allow you to stand and have a comfortable sex.

Exercises: A person must be involved in regular workouts. There are numerous health benefits of exercises, as it can enhance both physical and mental health. There are different types of exercises; however, there are some specific exercises that can enhance one’s sexual health. Try out abdominal exercises as it can strengthen abdominal muscles for a better erection.

Combine weight training and cardio, as both of them, help in fat loss. The studyshows that obese people are at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction, and losing some pounds can certainly help in reducing a risk of an erectile dysfunction. Finally, add pelvic floor exercises in your fitness routine. These exercises can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which results in a better erection.

Maintain healthy relationship: A lack of communication can destroy a relationship. It can lead to a lot of misunderstanding, leading to many conflicts. After a conflict, it’s obvious that a person does not want to talk with his partner, which ultimately kills his/her desire to have sex.

For a better sex, it’s very important for couples to have a strong emotional bond. It leads to a better sexual intimacy, which leads to better sex. If there are unresolved conflicts, then it’s better to sort it out before it ruins your sex life and marital relationship.


All the tips mentioned in the above section of this article are very practical and effective. The thing is clear, and it’s that you need to adjust your lifestyle in most of the cases to have a healthy lifestyle. The study shows that the sexual frequency is one of the major causes of divorce. A better erection and libido means an increased sexual frequency and a better chance of a healthy relationship.

In the case of a serious sexual disorder, it’s recommended to consult a doctor.

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