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How To Find Casual Sex Partners?

There was this time when I really had a hard time in finding love. I have this terrible choice of people I stuck with. Then I realize that these things are just a fugazi (Clearly it did not exist). Then, I decided to change my theory about the relationship and believe me, that is really working for me now.

I am healthy, mentally relaxed and always cheerful. Why? Because I don’t have to face a mental trauma of relationship and other complicated scenarios. A casual sex heals it all. And the best part of it is you don’t have to worry about the complication arise after that. Why? Well because there are none. You don’t have to worry about all that shit which keep your life and celebration at bay. It is just like friends with benefits (Ignore the ending of the picture).

Well, in this post, I will guide you about how to approach successfully for casual sex. Most of you find it hard and end up scrolling forever through online dating websites and scams (That’s the most of the cases). With this elaborate article, you’ll be able to learn the number of ways for how to approach if you’re seeking for casual sex.

Let’s get started,

You must have heard about NCMO aka “Non-Committal Make Out”. This can really help you to heal without the pressure of any relationship. How to approach? Well, just stick with me,

You need to set your intentions first.

Yes, Most of the time we face problems because of our past. It is not that he will come around and mess up your life. It is you who create a mess of your things more badly than anyone else. You need to be precise about what exactly you’re looking for. NCMO cannot help you if you carry away with it.

You need to be clear about if this is the thing you’re seeking for. So, first, you need to be clear as glass before making any move. There is no point if you again dwell on the romantic conundrum. Because believe it or not, casual sex and romantic sex does not fall into any common ground at all. So, make sure of your emotional status before jumping into this phenomenon.

Be a look out for your standard.

Now, honestly having casual sex doesn’t mean that you need to drop down to anyone’s level. You can stay on your ground, there are plenty of people around you who want to have a casual hook up.

Having a casual sex doesn’t mean that you get screwed by anyone on the way. You don’t have to play mind games but dropping out to the lower standard will not be as awesome as it might happen to the person with the same level.

Say “NO” to the fear of ‘NO’

It is my personal experience that most of the time we don’t approach just because we fear what if he or she says no. In the male side, most of the time when they date, the real approach is always having sex. Just because you’re afraid to ask directly causes the same relationship conundrum and for what? Just the sex.

Do you really believe that you have to face such mental trauma just to have sex with someone you want? Come on mate, if that will be the play I won’t be writing on casual sex. Let go the fear and spit it out. Fear of rejection is natural. But there are people who think exactly same as you do. Obviously, you will get rejected by some people and believe me that sucks. Yet there are people who are as same as you, so, don’t hold back.

What are you afraid of? Just be honest

Are you going to be with that man or woman after that night? Of course not, then why need to be afraid of any sort of rejection. Be honest when making conversation with the potential partner.

Do my partners were honest? Yes, some of them were just too honest. They were even hurt at that time but they were clear as me to indulge in physical activity to nurture the soul.

Watch your words carefully, being nerdy and honest are two different things. Use phrases like, “But I will hook up with you”. This shows that you’re just being generous to him or her. These phrases will keep you away from him emotionally.

Always respect your boundaries

It’s Friday night, and you are off to a party. Now, you just thought that having a sex mate can be beyond perfect but then suddenly you thought that you might not respect yourself later in the morning. Believe me, stop right there and don’t indulge. Just for that night. Keep yourself together. You’re not a slave to your sexuality. You control it. Be a controller and avoid anything like that. Tomorrow is another day.

Never get Obsess

This is the hardest part of the process. This is where things might get ugly. Just because you had an amazing time doesn’t mean that you can change it into a relationship. Don’t forget your intentions when you started this.

If you fixate with this person just because of a one-night stand, then you might break your heart again. How often does one-night stand turn out to be a perfect relationship? I will never wager on that. You too, don’t bank it and back away. That will save you a lot of pain.

Places to meet

Well, places are very important here. Social venues are ideal choice to find a casual sex partner. Alcohol is the play here. Well, while talking about casual sex, alcohol is not a bad play at all. It usually makes people bold and makes them take some decisions that even they are not aware of. That is the reason people don’t often rely on clubs and alcohol. They not only blur the decision making skill but also ruin the sex part.

People then decide to go and meet online. That can be safer but sometimes even worst. Online scams for paid dating services. I have many of guy friends who fall for that and end up with whores. So, make your own decision. Things are not as bad as it seems, but being careful can be beneficial.

Wrapping it up

So, these are the ways and tips when indulging in casual sex. Allow me to follow you up with a quick recap of the pointers,

  • You need to set your intentions first.
  • You can stay on your ground, there are plenty of people around you who want to have a casual hook up.
  • Say “NO” to the fear of ‘NO’.
  • Just be honest.
  • Always respect your boundaries.
  • Never get Obsess.
  • Social venues are ideal choice to find a casual sex partner.

Do you like my points? Leave a comment and let me know.

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