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Guys Reveal What Sexual Things They’d Do to a Girl Who Isn’t Girlfriend Material

As a woman, I’m very particular about who I get it on with. I mean, I’m not into giving my goodies to every tom, Dick, and Harry; I’d rather keep it tight for the man I’m going to be with. But there are some women who are doing just that. No judging, though. Men do the same. In fact, there are men who choose how they get it on with women.

Did you know that a man will release his sexual beast, get rough, and even have an orgy with a woman he doesn’t see as a girlfriend, but will do none of the above with a woman he wants to take seriously?

In a Reddit forum, a user posed the question: What kinds of sexual things would you only do with a girl you didn’t actually like or see as “girlfriend material”? You’ll be surprise to see what guys would do to a woman they’d never be make their girlfriend.

1. Group sex. When I’m in love, I don’t want to share Not much, really. The more sexual things she puts “on the menu” for me, the more “girlfriend material” she is to me.

MFM and cuckolding are the only things that come to mind. I’d only be ok with that if she never said no to sex when I initiate, but my sex drive is so high, she often says no. This causes some possesive instincts to kick in. (iggybdawg)

2. I wouldn’t have sex with a serious girlfriend in the same room as other people. I would if it was some strange or a hook up partner. I wouldn’t want other people to see my gf naked or us getting it on. I’d respect the intimacy between a gf and myself more then I would a f**k buddy or one-night-stand. (Edw1nner)

3. I always found the idea kind of weird to have really rough sex including choking and nails and all that good crap with someone you’re like actually in one of those “relationships” with when you call each other darling and stuff. (SEEFHOEK_VOORUIT)

4. Probably “only have sex with her once and never see her again.” Kinky, I know. (Sheriff_of_Stud_City)

5. Anything that has to do with multiple people. I can’t share a woman that I love or intend to. Other than that, in order to be girlfriend material, I have to be comfortable doing pretty much everything. (mcSibiss)

6.  Pretty much by definition, I could only ever even potentially cuckold a couple as the bull if I didn’t have feelings for the woman. It’d be a hilariously bad idea and would be too unhealthy for me to go through with it if I had feelings for a girl and f**ked her in front of her actual partner as a cuckoldry thing.

I don’t think I could maintain a friendship with a woman or a man if friends asked me to bull for them, either. Granted, the idea of being the bull in cuckoldry leaves a bad taste in my mouth anyway, since I find the actual practice fairly squicky.

Being cuckolded is, of course, right out, regardless of who the woman is and our connection or lack thereof…

7.  So, all in all, most of the things that I could hypothetically do with a woman who I didn’t care about but definitely wouldn’t with a woman I wanted a relationship with are sexual practices that I’m really not a fan of anyway.

It’s just conceivably possible that some corner case could arise where I might be able to be convinced to try it out. (Coidzor)

8. Bisexual threesome, women look down on bisexual men and see me as a risk so I tend to keep them quiet about that aspect. I’ve not found a lot of women that were accepting of it. Generally I’ve not found a lot of people accepting of it in general, even in the gay community. (Lost_in_costco)

9. I have only eaten two women.. And only one successfully… I’m not doing that on just anybody. (BettyBlueGT)

10. I f**k girls I won’t see again as though it’s amateur porn: rough with lack of inhibition or concern for her mutual enjoyment (but its a bonus and I try to be a giving lover in all situations.) I use more profanjty and am more likely to smoke a blunt during before or after, after is reserved for round 2. (Djanjo)

11.  Have sexual fantasies about them, at least before there was a relationship. The kind of intimate, playful sex one might have with a partner they care for and respect is only good as the real thing; I can’t get off just imagining it.

My sexual fantasies are rough, heavily carnal, and almost always objectifying of the woman involved. If I don’t like them, I like to imagine “conquering them” – something I’d never want to do to someone I’m heavily involved with. I would never treat a real person that way, but it’s a good way of getting off. (Ysara)



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