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Guys Describe What It Feels Like Inside of a Woman’s V

Okay, don’t judge me, but there have been more times than a few that I’ve wondered what it feels like to be inside of a woman. Ladies, don’t act like you haven’t thought of this! I mean, come on. If it weren’t for your fingers, you’d probably never know. And I’m not a fan of that so I definitely don’t know.

But using your fingers isn’t the same as having a man’s member inside of you. I’ve always wondered what it is that make men go crazy when they’re inside. Does it really feel like warm apple pie? I wanna know! Thankfully, an editor at Your Tango made my wishes come true when she asked random men, “What does it feel like to have your penis inside of a woman’s vagina?” One said it feels “like getting massaged in a skin-tight hot tub,” so you already know that these answers are about to get super interesting.



Getting Technical

“It can vary a lot depending on who the ‘her’ is. The strongest sensations are wetness and the texture of her walls. Some women are “ridgier” than others. Some are wetter than others. My favorite feeling is being clamped down on as she’s cumming. I’m not a masochist, but sometimes when it’s particularly hard clamping I enjoy it a lot from an ego perspective.”

It’s Life!

“What does it feel like to be alive? That’s my best answer.”


I.. Just… Wanna… Stay… In

“When you put the head of the penis in, there’s slight pressure. If the woman is clenching her muscles, you can feel that. Keep sliding in. It feels so good, I could let my whole body go limp (except my penis) and just stay in there. I’m uncircumcised and strongly believe there is far more sensitivity with the foreskin as it creates extra friction as it slides in and out of the vagina.”


All About the Shapes

“It all depends on how she is shaped, the penis is shaped, level of arousal, kind of foreplay … but I have experienced anything from very tight grip to almost no feeling, very wet to quite dry and anything in between — even been held in a totally firm grip without any way of movement while she had an orgasm — it actually hurt — while also being very sexy!”


Power, Potential, and Freedom

“It feels incredible. The penis is surrounded by wet warmth. The psychological experience of being completely penetrated into a vagina is incomparable. It feels like power, potential, and freedom at the same time.”


Not So Sensitive to Touch

“Personally, I’m not sensitive enough to discern texture unless it’s a drastic difference (which has happened a couple of times). Mostly what I notice is tightness and shape, which, again, varies widely.”


Like Warm Apple Pie?

“It’s warm and moist and soft, but some degree of resistance.”

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