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Foods That Can Improve Your Orgasm

The big O, the climax, the release, the big moment, etc.  Whatever you call it, who doesn't enjoy a good orgasm?  Some find it easier to reach than others, and we are here to tell you it is not your fault.  You are simply just not indulging in the right foods.  As you may not be overly-educated in the foods to eat that will ensure you experience a world-class orgasm, we have provided you with our expert advice to make your evening just that much better.  So call your bedtime buddy, and tell them tonight will be different.  Take a look at this list of foods that are sure to give you a grade A orgasm.


Olive Oil. The fat in the oil helps your body produce testosterone, which helps women reach their climax.

Brown Rice. The zinc in the rice slows down the production of prolactin, which is not good for bedroom fun.

Asparagus. One of the best foods for your orgasm is asparagus, as it contains folate which maintains the production of histamine--the hormone that is released when you climax.

Ginseng Tea. Ginseng tea has high levels of ginsenoside, which is great for men during intimacy.

Garlic. Yea, it's kind of smelly, but it increases blood flow to all your fun parts.

Watermelon. Filled with citrulline, this is like a natural form of the drug Viagra for men.

Oranges. Vitamin C works wonders for your sexual organs.

Walnuts. Walnuts tend to increase dopamine and arginine levels. These increase the production of nitric oxide, which is a necessary component in an erection.

Sushi. Both the fatty fish and seaweed in a tuna roll help out your parts below.

Peppers. Choose the hottest you can handle, because it'll get your blood flowing to all of the necessary areas.

Lean red meat. There is also zinc in lean red meat, which gives you an advantage in the bedroom.

Eggs. Not only are these filled with protein to keep your energy up in the bedroom, but they are filled with vitamins B5 and B6 which are good for your hormone levels.

Dark Chocolate is rich in dopamine, which is the brain's "feel good" hormone, and it increases blood flow.

Strawberries. They're filled with natural sugars, so they give you a boost in the bedroom. They're also kind of sexy to munch on.

Chocolate-covered strawberries. Well, duh! You might as well put them together!

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