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Five Outfits That Will Make Any Girl Go Wild

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Alright, guys, it’s time to talk about fashion. Wait, wait come back! Don’t you want to know how to make girls go wild? Now that I have your attention, it really is time to talk about fashion. No matter how you look or what you do, there are some outfits that will make any girl look twice. There are too many to count, so here are just five outfits, in random order, that will make girls go wild.

1. The Cowboy Look
Alright, you'll, it’s time to pull out those cowboy boots and that plaid button down. Now, this just may be a Southern Girl bias, but the cowboy look is just so sexy! Though this may work better if you live in the south, it’s still something that many women would go crazy over.


2. A Full Suit

If you’re going to a formal setting, going in a full suit is definitely going to get you some glances. Girls like a guy who’s important and classy, and walking around in a suit will give off that vibe! So, next time you’re going out to a formal event, or even somewhere with your friends, a full suit is sure to turn a head or two. Maybe even get a flirty smile.


3. Complimenting Colors

Now, guys, I’m not sure if you know what colors compliment what and there isn’t an article long enough to explain it. Just know that black goes with anything and white looks great with dark colors. Mixing light and dark colors are a great example of color complementing. Pink and white is another good example, but that’s getting a little too complicated.

4. Military Suit*
Girls love a guy in uniform, and a military uniform is no exception. I have to say a military man has to be one of the sexiest people on earth. So to my military guys, if you’re off duty and out on the town, odds are you’ll find a girl who can take those buttons off with her teeth.

5. Leather Jacket

Now I don’t know what it is about a leather jacket, but seeing a man in one automatically makes them a hundred times sexier. Maybe it’s the “bad boys” complex that every girl goes through but never really get over.

And there you have it, here are five outfits, or outfit ideas, that are sure to get you at least a second glance from a cute girl on the other side of the room. The best part about this guide? The terms and items are so broad that you can customize each one of them however you like!
All in all, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as it’s something that fits your personality and you enjoy wearing it, go for it! Just.. don’t go on a first date with ripped jeans and a t-shirt with holes in it. I hope you enjoyed this quick guide!



*Just a reminder that it is illegal to impersonate any man or woman in power. Do NOT go out and buy a uniform, (police, firemen, military, etc.) unless you are either going to a costume party or that is your actual job. This has been you ‘stay out of jail’ reminder of the day.

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