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A Chance Encounter – A Nautical Erotic Story

The following erotic fiction is the third place winner in the LELO Erotica Writing Competition. This naughty nautical story from author Kiki Randolph is sure to take you on a breath-taking voyage to your sexiest fantasies!


As Celia walked down the pathway to the dock, she scanned the boats in the marina for the name of the one she had chartered. She had needed a break from the pace of her corporate marketing job and her friends had suggested chartering a sailboat for a weekend getaway. At the last minute the other women had canceled due to sick children, lack of childcare etc, but Cece, as her friends called her, had decided to go anyway.

Knowing little about sailing, but anxious for the peace and tranquility of the water and wind, she looked forward to a few nights away. “Blue Denim” was docked in among the other boats and was a beautiful sail boat that had clearly been well looked after. Cece called out to announce her arrival and after 3 attempts at “Hello!” a man emerged from below deck. Bruce, the captain, was unbelievably gorgeous and the color of his tanned face made his eyes sparkle brilliantly. They introduced themselves and Cece handed her bag to Bruce and climbed on board. As she straddled the rope to get onto the boat she felt his hand on her hip helping her on board. The touch of his hand sent shivers up her thighs and between her legs. It had been a while since a man of his form, strength and drop dead good looks, had touched her so gently. Cece had not expected the instant wetness in her bikini bottoms.

Bruce smiled and Cece felt her body temperature rise about 100 degrees. Who was this man who had this instant effect on her? After discussing the itinerary of the next few days, Bruce asked when the others would be arriving. Cece explained that it would only be her for the duration of the charter. Again, Bruce smiled and took her hand and led her below deck to give her the quick tour of where she could find things and which berth she would sleep in. Bruce went over some of the safety procedures of the boat and also the menu and cocktail list for the trip. Cece was a great cook and loved food, and while she was more than thrilled at the menu, that wasn’t entirely why she smiled all the while Bruce was talking. As she listened intently she could not help but notice Bruce’s thighs….strong and powerful and she ached to reach out and touch them.

The “galley” was small space for two people. The fridge but an icebox in the counter and the counter space just enough for one person to chop and prep food. As Bruce continued to talk, Cece could feel herself back into the corner of the sink and the counter. Was she moving away from Bruce or was Bruce backing her up against the counter on purpose? He reached behind her to reach the latch for the fridge and as he did, his whole body pressed against her side.

She could feel his breath on her shoulder and she tried to move to the side but felt paralyzed by the heat and weight of his stunning body.

He reached into the icebox and took out a bottle of champagne and asked her to reach up behind her and grab two glasses. As she did, her bathing suit top shifted and the excitement she felt was now evident from her hard, exposed nipple. Bruce leaned in very gently and kissed the side of her breast and with that, Cece gasped. She turned her body to face Bruce and without a word, he leaned into her and removed the bikini top and took her stiff and hard nipple in his mouth. His lips and tongue were like nothing she had ever felt before and her hands magnetically began to run over his shoulders and down his tanned and toned torso. Cece’s head fell backward and she moaned very quietly but loud enough that Bruce knew that if he continued to suck her nipples she may come….but it was too early for that.

Bruce put his hands around Cece’s waist and slowly removed her bikini bottoms and let them fall to the floor of the galley. He picked her up and sat her on the tiny counter and gently spread her legs apart. She was now totally exposed to this man she had known for less than an hour and had never felt more excited or vulnerable in her life – it was magic. The lips of her pussy were throbbing and she could feel the heat and wet oozing out of her. Bruce’s fingers played gently with her clit as she leaned back on both her hands to balance herself and spread her legs wider.

There was no talking, Bruce knew exactly what she wanted and needed and she allowed him to have complete control over her.

He took her one hand and firmly placed it on his shorts so she could feel his rock hard cock begging for her. His shorts fell down over his fucking gorgeous thighs and as he bent down to remove them; his tongue found Cece’s soaking wet pussy. Cece cried out in ecstasy and Bruce gently, carefully used the tip of his tongue to tease her clit until he could sense that she might come and then he stopped. He picked Cece up off of the counter, wrapping her legs around his waist, taking her nipple back in his mouth and feeling very carefully for her so that he could push his throbbing cock inside her with one smooth, wet push and it would go so deep that she would cry out again.

Bruce took his lips off of her nipple and pressed them against her ear and very quietly said: “Do you want me to fuck you, Cece?” Cece did not have to answer, her body said everything. She pushed herself against him so he could feel how wet she was and with that, he knew that he could have her any way he wanted. He let her down from around his waist, she reached down to stroke his thighs and he firmly turned her around. Her hands on the counter, her ass bare and soft. Bruce couldn’t resist spanking her.

One good, hard smack and she felt everything drip down the inside of her leg.

Bruce bent her over and used his hands to spread her legs wide apart and while there was not much space to move around, his rock hard cock found its way inside her. The harder and deeper he pushed, the more she moaned and begged. Bruce could feel ready to explode and began to push faster and harder and told Cece to take her fingers and rub her clit – he wanted them to come together. She did as the Captain told her and touched herself and felt so fucking incredible. She had no control, she was going to come and she whispered to Bruce that she was ready…..

“Not yet,”  he said. He pushed so deep into her that she was certain that they had become one person.

Cece called his name loudly and as soon as she did he said he was going to come. Together they yelled and moaned and their bodies vibrated; the come that emerged from both of them was enough to make a puddle on the floor. Cece’s knees buckled, she could barely breathe. Bruce turned her around and lifted her back up onto the counter. He got down on his knees and looked up at her and said, “The Captain needs to keep things clean and tidy, allow me to clean you up and get you ready to set sail.” And with that, he let his tongue gently tidy her up. Cece reached beside her and while she was being looked after, she popped the cork on the champagne. They needed to celebrate the adventure that awaited them over the next few days…..toast what more this chance encounter may bring them.

Name of author: 
Kiki Randolph

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